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Nader will not get Green endorsement in California

The Times-Standard reports: Ralph Nader will not replace Eureka resident David Cobb as the Green Party's presidential candidate on the California ballot after all.

But with the election less than three months away, divisions persist among Greens over which course to take in November.

The Green Party of California Tuesday night announced its state coordinating committee voted not to convene a special meeting to consider replacing Cobb with Nader. The proposal to hold the special assembly lost by a 11-7 vote, with 2 abstentions. ...

But Nader has only been able to get his name on the ballot in roughly half of the states. After a petition drive to get his name on the California ballot failed last week, Nader began moving to persuade Greens to take Cobb's place on the California ballot. -- Greens stick with Cobb on California ballot (Times-Standard)