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Corrections via email

Re the Nader vs. Arizona story, Richard Winger writes:

Dear Ed, I know it's not your job to correct factual errors in the news stories you link to. But this error is gigantic and ought to be pointed out. You linked to an Arizona story about Nader's lawsuit against the Arizona petition deadline for independent candidates. But the story says the Arizona deadline is July 9. It's really June 9. Also the reporter got the name of Nader's attorney wrong. It's Robert Bernhoft, not Robert Barnes.

Re the West Virginia/Nader/Clark story, Richard writes:

As to West Virginia, I know you're only putting up articles, not correcting them. The newspaper article is wrong to say Ed Clark is the Libertarian presidential nominee. He is the stand-in, since the actual presidential candidate hadn't been chosen when the petition drive started. Ed Clark will resign and Michael Badnarik will be substituted.

Richard Shepard offers the same correction:

The Libertarian presidential candidate is not Ed Clark but Michael Badnarik (see, www.badnarik.org). Ed Clark was the Libertarian candidate in 1980.

Thanks to all who read (and comment) on these clippings.