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Four simultaneous hearings for Nader's Pennsylvania petitions

AP reports: Three state judges in Philadelphia and a fourth in Pittsburgh will simultaneously scrutinize the validity of petitions submitted by independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader in his effort to appear on the Pennsylvania ballot, a lawyer in the case said.

Gregory M. Harvey, who is representing one of eight people who challenged Nader's right to be listed on the state's Nov. 2 election ballot, said President Judge James Gardner Colins may add a fifth simultaneous hearing, if he determines one is necessary.

Colins set Sept. 3 as the date for the hearing, according to an order he filed Thursday in the case. The order followed a Thursday morning closed status conference in Philadelphia.

The bulk of the hearings will be held in Philadelphia, because that is where most of the signatures were gathered and where most of the alleged petition fraud occurred, Harvey said.

The lawyers for the eight people allege that more than 37,000 of the 47,000 signatures Nader supporters turned in earlier this month were forged, fictitious or otherwise flawed. Once those are thrown out, they say Nader will lack the 25,697 registered voters' signatures he needs to get on the ballot. -- Judges to scrutinize Nader petitions on Sept. 3 (AP via PennLive.com)