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Anti-Nader group will run TV ads

The Albuquerque Tribune reports: Opponents of Ralph Nader's candidacy in New Mexico said today they are taking their battle to the airwaves.

New television ads sponsored by the Nader Factor will start airing Monday in Albuquerque and Wisconsin in an attempt to derail Nader's push to get on the ballot.

In the ads, the group links Nader to President Bush's campaign, saying Republicans are helping Nader get on the ballot in key swing states like New Mexico.

"It's got to be one of the strangest alliances in the history of American politics," said David Jones, a former Democratic fund-raiser who is president of TheNaderFactor.com.

The ads, which feature the hypothetical bumper sticker "Bush/Nader 04," accuse Nader of accepting help from Republicans. -- Nader foes plan TV ads (Albuquerque Tribune Online)

You can view the ad at TheNaderFactor.com.