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Maine Dems check Nader petitions

AP reports: Democrats resumed their efforts Wednesday to find defects in petitions supporting independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader's appearance on Maine's Nov. 2 ballot.

But no decision was expected before Thursday on whether the party would formally challenge the petitions, Maine Democratic Chairwoman Dottie Melanson said.

About 10 representatives of the state Democratic Party focused their review on municipalities where voters who signed in support of Nader live, looking for duplicate signatures and other improprieties that might invalidate some of the names, Melanson said.

On Monday, the secretary of state's office certified 4,128 voters' signatures for Nader, 128 more than he needed to get on the ballot.

Election officials’ certification opened a five-day window for challenging those petitions. -- Dems hunt for flaws in Nader petitions (AP via Portsmouth Herald)