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Nader falls short in Missouri

AP reports: Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader failed to provide enough valid signatures to earn a spot on Missouri's November ballot, the secretary of state's office said Wednesday.

Nader's supporters submitted 12,893 signatures by the July deadline, but Secretary of State Matt Blunt said Wednesday local election officials verified only 9,006 -- 994 short of the number required.

"We're reviewing the decision, see what appeal rights we have," Nader spokesman Kevin Zeese said. "If we have to go to court, we may do that as well."

Nader's campaign can appeal the decision in court within 10 days, secretary of state spokesman Spence Jackson said.

Nader, who still is scheduled to appear in Springfield at 7 p.m. Aug. 26, could submit paperwork to qualify as a valid write-in candidate. The deadline for that is Oct. 22, but people would have to add him to their ballots to vote for him. -- Nader won't be on ballot in Missouri (AP via News-Leader.com)