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Nader draws 4 of a kind -- all jokers

AP reports: Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader suffered setbacks this week as election officials in Virginia, Maryland, Illinois and Missouri all denied him access to state ballots this fall.

In each case, officials said Nader campaign workers either did not submit enough valid signatures on ballot petitions or failed to follow proper procedures.

On Friday, Virginia's election board secretary, Jean Jensen, said Nader workers failed to meet state requirements that the signatures be grouped according to congressional district, and then by localities within each of the 11 districts. ...

Also Friday, Nader's supporters fell 500 signatures short of getting him on Maryland's ballot, as campaign officials said many who signed the petitions were not registered voters.

Nader was denied access to Missouri's ballot on Wednesday after the secretary of state said his supporters failed to submit enough valid signatures in the battleground state. On Thursday, the Illinois State Board of Elections voted not to certify Nader for the state's ballot after finding about 12,000 of the signatures he turned in were invalid. -- Four states deny ballot access to Nader (Boston.com)


As to Virginia, Nader's people filed the petitions 30 minutes early, and they asked if a small renmant of signatures should just be forgotten (since they weren't sorted), or whether they could take the time to put them in order (the vast bulk of the signatures were in order). The officials instructed them to sort them in with the bulk. The officials gave them a receipt. The officials ushered them into a side room to do their work. Then, the state chair of the Democratic Party of Virginia appeared in the office, and intimidated the person in charge of the office to reverse direction and say the entire petition had to be rejected. This will not stand.