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Michigan Dems charge GOP fraud on Nader petitions

AP reports: The head of the Michigan Democratic Party said Friday that the party's check of the tens of thousands of signatures gathered by Republicans to put presidential candidate Ralph Nader on the ballot show a clear pattern of fraud, a charge Republicans deny.

The Democratic Party has filed a challenge to many of the signatures. The issue will be taken up Monday by the Board of State Canvassers.

"If Nader gets on the ballot through such blatant Republican fraud, he will be nothing more than the second Republican candidate on the ballot, truly demonstrating that a vote for Nader is a vote for George Bush," Democratic Party Executive Chairman Mark Brewer said during a Friday news conference.

Brewer said the party has discovered that one in five of the 50,000 signatures gathered by both Republicans and Nader supporters belong to people who aren't registered to vote or whose signatures are invalid for other reasons.

But the party's biggest complaint alleges that Michigan Republican Party staffers didn't circulate the petitions themselves, instead adding their names as circulators once the petitions containing 20,000 signatures came into party offices. -- Democrats charge Nader petitions false (AP via SouthBendTribune.com)