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More details on Virginia's rejection of Nader petitions

The Richmond Times Dispatch reports: After Democratic Party officials raised objections, the State Board of Elections yesterday rejected petitions from the presidential campaign of consumer activist Ralph Nader to put his name on the Virginia ballot.

Jean Jensen, the board secretary, said the petitions, which contain the names of more than 10,000 registered voters in Virginia, were not filed in the proper order by the deadline, which was noon yesterday.

Democrats in several states have blocked Nader from getting on the ballot because they believe his third-party candidacy in 2000 cost Democrat Al Gore the presidential election.

Yesterday, Nader representatives showed up at the State Board of Elections office at 25 minutes to noon and immediately got down on their hands and knees on the floor and began sorting petitions, as a Virginia Democratic Party official looked on.

After the noon deadline, the sorting-out process was moved to a larger room at the rear of the Ninth Street office building.

Jensen said the attorney general's office advised her the petitions did not meet ballot requirements because they were not filed in congressional district order by the deadline. State law requires at least 10,000 signatures, with at least 400 from each congressional district.

Attorney General Jerry W. Kilgore, a Republican, is chairman of the Bush-Cheney re-election campaign in Virginia, which would welcome a Nader candidacy in Virginia to take votes away from the Kerry-Edwards ticket.

Jensen said she had been inclined to give the Nader representatives the benefit of the doubt because they had entered the doors before the noon deadline. But she said James Hopper, a senior assistant attorney general, told her the petition procedures had been presented to all the prospective candidates and that the Nader representatives did not comply. -- Nader bid for state ballot fails (TimesDispatch.com)

Thanks to Richard Winger for pointing me to this story. Yesterday I posted only the AP story wrapping up the four states that had rejected Nader's petitions. Richard blames this on the Democrats (see his comment), but notice the role the Republican Attorney General.

If anyone gets a copy of the inevitable lawsuit(when it is filed), please send it to me.


Actually the most recent news on this particular matter reported today within the Richmond Times-Dispatch is: State reconsiders Nader's bid: Kilgore's office cites 'doubt' of information from elections board: