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Yes, Virginia, there may be a Nader on your ballot

The Richmond Times Dispatch reports today: In a move that could affect the presidential campaign in Virginia, the state attorney general's office is reconsidering its decision that kept Ralph Nader off the presidential ballot.

A spokesman for Attorney General Jerry W. Kilgore said yesterday that his office made the decision that denied Nader a spot on the ballot based on misleading information provided by the State Board of Elections. ...

Tim Murtaugh, press secretary to Kilgore, said the attorney general's office offers legal counsel to the State Board of Elections. Kilgore's office is revisiting the advice it provided Jean Jensen, secretary of the elections board, on Friday because it feels she provided misleading information, he said.

Jensen, a Democratic appointee and former executive director of the Democratic Party of Virginia, declined to comment other than to note she had spent most of yesterday in her office with James Hopper, the senior deputy attorney general, going over the Nader filing. Hopper provided the advice Friday that resulted in the elections board denying Nader a place on the ballot.

Murtaugh did not say whether Kilgore would ask that Nader's name be placed on the ballot. The Nader campaign already has threatened to go to court in an effort to get on the ballot. -- State reconsiders Nader's bid (TimesDispatch.com)

It's always a good sign when the lawyer blames his client.

Thanks to "morganbrown" for the comment that lead me to this story.


The Hampton Roads Daily Press reports: Local Ralph Nader supporters regrouped Saturday and planned to file a lawsuit to force the Virginia State Board of Elections to allow the consumer activist on the state's November presidential ballot.

The Nader group will allege that it was misled by an election official who said it was OK to keep counting signatures, even though the noon Friday deadline had passed, said Jim Polk, a Virginia Beach resident and Nader's Virginia campaign manager. --
Nader backers plan suit against board (DailyPress.com)