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Status of third parties in Alabama

AP reports: Alabama voters will have more choices than George W. Bush and John Kerry for president if four groups are successful in getting enough signatures to put their candidates on Alabama's general election ballot.

Supporters of Michael Peroutka, the Constitution Party candidate, are confident they have submitted far more than the 5,000 signatures from Alabama voters that are required to get on the Nov. 2 ballot. The secretary of state's office is in the process of verifying the signatures.

Three other groups -- including Ralph Nader's supporters -- are running behind because they had to start over with their signature drives.

Supporters of Nader, the Green Party's David Cobb, and the Libertarian Party's Michael Badnarik have until Sept. 7 to get the 5,000 signatures and give them to the secretary of state. -- Groups push for ballot access (AP via MontgomeryAdvertiser.com)