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Reform Party nominates Nader

The Dallas Morning News reports: It was an unlikely party meeting in an unlikely place.

The National Reform Party, an anti-immigration protectionist party founded by Dallas billionaire Ross Perot, endorsed left-leaning independent Ralph Nader as its presidential nominee at a national meeting in Irving [Texas] on Friday.

Mr. Nader accepted the endorsement in a speech attended by about 75 members Saturday, even though he's not on the ballot in Texas and is not completely aligned ideologically with Reformers. ...

Mr. Nader did not meet Texas' deadline to get on the November ballot, and he is challenging the state's ballot-access laws in court.

"What the threshold needs to be is, if a person is a citizen, a taxpayer and a registered voter, they should be allowed to run for president," said Shawn O'Hara, the Reform Party's national chairman. -- Nader nominated by Reform Party (DallasNews.com)


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