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Nader's problems in Pennsylvania

The Philadelphia Daily News reports: It was enough yesterday for an attorney representing Nader to all but plead for extensions and special considerations from a skeptical panel of three judges in Commonwealth Court.

"We've done as much as we humanly can do," Nader attorney Sam Stretton told the judges. "There's no dispute; you've bent over backwards for us. But it's not enough."

Stretton was asking for more time to defend the 37,000 of the 45,000 Nader petition signatures contested by Democrats. Nader needs 25,697 valid signatures to get on the ballot in Pennsylvania.

So far, with limited volunteers, the campaign has been able to review only 1,371 signatures. Of those, Stretton said, 53 percent are invalid. An additional 21 percent were signed by people who were either late in registering to vote or who listed an address different from the one at which they registered.

Stretton also asked the court to allow Nader to count as valid the late registrants and incorrect addresses in the interest of democracy and to lighten the heavy burden on a small, poorly funded campaign.

Stretton also asked the court to make an exception to a Pennsylvania law that prohibits people with party affiliations to run as independents for president here. -- | 08/28/2004 | Lawyer begs for mercy for Nader (Philadelphia Daily News)


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