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Nader challenged in Nevada

AP reports: A judge was asked Monday to drop Ralph Nader from Nevada's November ballot by a lawyer for the state Democratic Party and for three women who said Nader supporters used sneaky tactics to get their names on a petition backing his bid for president.

Carson City District Judge Bill Maddox didn't issue an immediate ruling, and instead called for more information on alleged flaws in the signature-gathering by the Nader supporters. He planned to continue taking testimony Tuesday.

Attorney Paul Larsen, representing the Democrats and the three women, said there was an initial count of 11,888 signatures supporting Nader -- but if the judge deletes all the names that have been questioned only 314 would be left. About 5,000 names are needed to ensure a spot on the ballot.

Maddox said it's doubtful he'd toss out all the names questioned by Larsen. He also said he wants a careful accounting of the signatures in question so that there's a good record in the event of a likely appeal of his decision to the state Supreme Court. -- Nader's Nevada ballot status challenged (AP via SFgate.com)