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Nader and Libertarians submit petitions in Alabama

AP reports: Supporters of Ralph Nader and Libertarian Michael Badnarik met Tuesday's deadline to submit voters' signatures that they expect will get the candidates added to Alabama's presidential ballot.

Supporters of the Constitution Party's Michael Peroutka turned in their signatures last month, and Peroutka has already been approved for Alabama's presidential ballot, said Trey Granger, spokesman for the Alabama secretary of state's office.

The Nader and Badnarik campaigns will have to wait a few days for the secretary of state's office to verify whether they submitted sufficient signatures to get on the Nov. 2 ballot.

Jess Brown, a political scientist at Athens State University, said adding candidates to the ballot would be significant in a state where George W. Bush and John Kerry are running close, but it doesn't mean much in Alabama.
-- Alabamians will have more choices than Bush and Kerry (AP via AL.com)