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West Virginia AG argues against Nader's candidacy

AP reports: The Attorney General's office has asked the state Supreme Court to block a lower court ruling that allows independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader's name to appear on West Virginia's November ballot.

The justices were expected to consider the request this week, court spokeswoman Michelle Mensore said Wednesday.

Last week, Kanawha County Circuit Judge Tod Kaufman rejected the state's argument that Nader's ballot petitions should be invalidated because workers hired to obtain signatures from registered voters violated state law or misled people into signing the petitions. ...

"It is clear that a significant likelihood of harm will result to the State and the public's interest in the fair and honest conduct of elections if the plaintiff is directed to place defendant's name on the ballot where defendant utterly failed to comply with statutory requirements of nominating petitions,'' said the petition filed last Friday. -- West Virginia news in brief (AP via The Charleston Gazette)