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Nader probably off the Florida ballot

AP reports: Ralph Nader is well on his way to being kicked off the Florida ballot after a judge ruled that Democrats have a good chance of winning their case against the 2000 presidential election spoiler.

Circuit Judge Kevin Davey issued a temporary order late Wednesday night preventing Secretary of State Glenda Hood from certifying Nader's place on the ballot. He strongly indicated Thursday that that order would become permanent, saying he wouldn't have issued the temporary order if he thought Nader and running mate Peter Camejo properly qualified for the ballot.

"I'm quite confident in the ruling. There's at least 15 reasons as to why they won't qualify, at least 15 that I counted up," Davey said. "If it was one or two, I'd be worried about it, but there's a whole lot of reasons Mr. Nader and Mr. Camejo aren't going to appear on the ballot in Florida."

Hood's office sent a certified ballot to elections supervisors Thursday without Nader's name, but including a memo stating that the list of presidential candidates may change. Her office is pressuring Davey to act quickly on the lawsuit because absentee ballots to military and other citizens overseas must be mailed by Sept. 18. That means printing must begin almost immediately, said Department of State lawyer Richard Perez. -- Judge delays certification of Nader on Florida ballot (AP via Bradenton.com)