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Michigan Dems file FEC complaint over GOP help to Nader

AP reports: The Michigan Democratic Party has filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission over the petition drive that put Ralph Nader on the Nov. 2 ballot as an independent candidate for president.

About 45,000 of the 50,000 signatures collected for Nader were collected by people with ties to the Michigan Republican Party, Democrats have said.

The value of that work exceeded $5,000, Democrats say, which they say would be a violation of election law regulating campaign contributions. Nader and the Republican Party should be fined, and Nader should not be eligible for presidential campaign matching funds because he failed to report the contributions, Michigan Democratic Party Executive Chairman Mark Brewer said.

"None of this gets him off the ballot. That piece is done," Brewer said Thursday. "But there could be fines that would affect both Republicans and the Nader campaign." -- Michigan Democrats continue protest over Nader candidacy (AP via freep.com)