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Nader sues to get on Maryland ballot

AP reports: A state judge said he expects to rule Tuesday on a request by Ralph Nader's campaign to put him on the Maryland ballot in November as the presidential candidate of the Populist Party.

Nader supporters filed petitions to create a new party, but state and local election officials invalidated about one-third of the signatures, leaving his supporters 537 short of the 10,000 needed to qualify a new party for the ballot.

During a three-hour hearing today, lawyers for the state and Nader sparred over whether the state illegally rejected signatures of voters who were registered but did not live in the county named at the top of the petitions they signed.

There was a disagreement on how many signatures were involved -- 618 according to Nader's lawyer and 542 according to the state. But either number would be enough to qualify Nader for the ballot. -- Nader asks judge to put him on Maryland ballot (AP via baltimoresun.com)