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Nader sues to get on Idaho ballot

AP reports: Supporters of independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader asked a state judge on Monday to order Idaho to include Nader's name on the Nov. 2 ballot.

The suit filed in 4th District Court maintained that 897 names on petitions to qualify Nader for the ballot were disqualified as not of registered voters, even though the Nader campaign found the same names listed on computer database of registered voters. ...

In Idaho, Secretary of State Ben Ysursa announced on Aug. 24 that Nader supporters collected only 4,388 valid signatures, as verified by county clerks, when 5,016 were required to gain a spot on the general election ballot.

Nader attorney Matthew Campbell told the court that the additional 897 signatures determined by the campaign to be valid but disqualified by the clerks would be sufficient to put Nader on the ballot. -- Nader backers ask court to order independent on Idaho ballot (AP via kgw.com)