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Nader loses in Maryland court

AP reports: A state judge on Tuesday rejected Ralph Nader's bid to run for president in Maryland under the banner of a new Populist Party.

Judge Philip Caroom agreed with the decision by state election officials that more than 500 signatures on petitions collected by Nader supporters could not be counted because the voters did not live in the county named on the petition.

Kevin Zeese, spokesman for the Nader campaign in Washington, said an appeal of Caroom's decision was likely.

"It leads to the strange result that we collected enough signatures of registered voters but are still not allowed on the ballot," Zeese said. "I think it's definitely an issue that should be appealed to make ballot access easier not only for our campaign but for future campaigns." -- Nader Loses Bid to Make Md. Ballot (AP via washingtonpost.com)