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Nader on, off, on the Florida ballot -- at least till Friday

AP reports: Ralph Nader can stay on Florida's ballot, at least until the end of the week when the state Supreme Court will make a final decision on his attempt to run for president as the Reform Party nominee.

The high court's decision Wednesday came about an hour after Circuit Judge P. Kevin Davey ordered that Nader be removed from the November ballot because the Reform Party isn't a legitimate party under state law.

The state Supreme Court will hear arguments on the issue Friday, and said it would settle the controversy before a Saturday deadline for mailing absentee ballots overseas. ...

Democrats have sued to keep Nader off the ballot, arguing tthe Reform Party is no longer a legitimate national party and that Florida election laws requiring minor candidates to qualify by petition or through a nominating convention weren't followed. -- Judge Orders Nader Name Off Fla. Ballot (AP via Tallahassee.com)