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Vermont Greens will back Nader

Socialist Worker Online reports: THE VERMONT Green Party voted last weekend not to ratify the national party's presidential nominee David Cobb--and instead endorse Ralph Nader's independent campaign. That means that Cobb and running mate Patricia LaMarche will not appear on the Vermont ballot.

The state party's nominating convention endorsed Nader, but he won't be on the ballot as the Green candidate, either--at Nader's request. Instead, Nader is seeking to qualify as an independent.

The move by the Vermont Greens reflects deep dissatisfaction among members over the outcome of the party's national convention in Milwaukee in June. There, Cobb won the party's presidential nomination, but by a very narrow margin over supporters of Nader and his running mate Peter Camejo, a leading Green Party member.

Pro-Nader Greens say that Cobb--by exploiting a delegate structure that gave disproportionate weight to small states with weak Green Parties--was able to dominate the convention even though he won fewer than 15 percent of the votes cast where open primaries were held. -- Vermont Greens support Nader (SocialistWorker.org)