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Nader, Libertarians, and Constitituion on Alabama ballot

AP reports: Presidential candidates Ralph Nader and Michael Badnarik have secured spots on Alabama's general election ballot, which gives voters a choice of five people.

The secretary of state's office announced late Tuesday night that workers had finished verifying voter petitions from both campaigns. State law required independent and third-party candidates to submit the signatures of 5,000 registered Alabama voters by Sept. 7, and their campaigns turned in petitions on the final afternoon.

Badnarik is the candidate of the Libertarian Party, but under state law he will appear on Alabama's ballot without a label.

The Constitution Party turned in signatures for its candidate, Michael Peroutka, last month and won approval to get him on the ballot. Like Badnarik, his name will appear without a party label. -- Nader, Badnarik approved for Alabama ballot (AP via AL.com)


Badnarik is now on 49 ballots. That's more than anyone except Bush/Kerry. Don't you think it's time they let him debate?

Yours truly,
Mr. X

...let Badnarik debate...