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Press reports disagree on whether the Ethics Committee will hear the complaint against Cong. DeLay

The Hill reports: The ethics complaint against Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas) about improper fundraising is likely going to be dismissed by the House ethics committee, according to a source familiar with the panelís internal discussions.

The panelís chairman and ranking member yesterday denied that any decision had been made, but the well-placed source said the outcome is no longer in doubt; what remains is for at least some of the panelís five Democrats to agree formally. -- Ethics complaint unravels (TheHill.com)

AP reports: Allegations that House Majority Leader Tom DeLay misused his office will be on the House ethics committee's agenda as early as next week.

After several months of gathering evidence, the committee must decide whether to launch a formal investigation of the Texas Republican or dismiss the case. There is no deadline limiting the time for the committee of five Republicans and five Democrats to act.

A three-part complaint is now before the committee.

Two allegations directly involve use of DeLay's congressional office. One accuses him of soliciting corporate contributions in return for assistance on legislation.

A second contends he improperly used his staff to contact U.S. aviation authorities, asking them to track down Texas Democratic legislators who had fled the state while trying to thwart a DeLay-backed redistricting plan.

The third allegation accuses DeLay of using his political action committees to distribute money from corporations to Texas legislative candidates, in violation of state law. -- Ethics Panel to Discuss DeLay Complaint (AP via statesman.com)