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Judge won't force FEC to regulate 527s

AP reports: A federal judge on Wednesday denied a request to force the Federal Election Commission to act on complaints by President Bush's campaign against anti-Bush groups spending millions of dollars on ads in the presidential race.

District Judge James Robertson told Bush's attorneys that he agreed that the FEC had moved at a "glacial pace" in handling complaints, but he added, "That's the way Congress has set it up and apparently that's the way Congress likes it."

The Bush campaign had wanted the judge to force the FEC to act on complaints dating back to March within 30 days. After that, the campaign would have been able to sue to block the private groups' activities if it didn't agree with the regulators' actions.

The judge said he was ruling from the bench rather than waiting to write a decision because - with Election Day nearing - he wanted the campaign to be able to appeal immediately. -- Judge Denies Bush Effort to Speed Ruling (AP via Tallahassee.com)