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Bush files same suit that lost earlier in the week

Trevor Potter emails: Actually, it is NOT the same suit as the A-8 complaint filed earlier, and rejected by the District Court this week. Rather, it is an "arbitrary and capricious" APA complaint based on the FEC's refusal to issue 527 regs (not based on any particular enforcement matter and the 120 day standard). It is thus in fact very similiar to the suit filed by Shays and Meehan last week.

Thanks, Trevor, and my apologies for the confusion.


AP reports: President Bush's campaign on Friday filed its second lawsuit in a month against the Federal Election Commission in federal court in Washington, this time accusing the commission of failing to enforce the nation's campaign finance laws.

The Bush-Cheney lawsuit asked the court to order the FEC to adopt regulations restricting the groups, arguing the campaign laws require the commission to do so.

Its earlier case asked the court to order the FEC to act within 30 days on complaints the campaign filed in March against anti-Bush groups spending millions of dollars in unlimited donations in the presidential race, despite a law broadly banning the use of such "soft money" in federal races. U.S. District Judge James Robertson rejected that request Wednesday. -- Bush Campaign Files Lawsuit Against FEC (AP via TheState.com)

Why did Bush file essentially the same suit as the one that was dismissed earlier in the week? Maybe this is his way of intervening in the Shays and Meehan case.