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Nader off in Oregon

Bend.com reports: The Oregon Supreme Court on Wednesday overturned a lower-court ruling that would have put independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader on the Nov. 2 general election ballot, backing the secretary of state's decision to keep him off.

Secretary of State Bill Bradbury, clearly gratified by the court ruling, said the court upheld the authority of the secretary of state to use reasonable rules to prevent fraud in the petition process.

The Court's ruling means that Nader and vice-presidential candidate Sandra Kucera will not appear on the ballot. ...

In considering the numbering and signature rules that govern petition sheets, the state's high court found that "the review procedures were not, as the trial court's comments appear to suggest, yet another layer of unannounced legal barriers. They were, instead, the methodology by which the Secretary of State enforced existing legal standards." -- Bend.com - News Article "Nader off Oregon ballot; high court backs Bradbury (Bend.com)