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Nader's Pennsylvania lawyer quits

AP reports: The lawyer representing independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader in his bid to get on Pennsylvania's ballot asked a court for permission to withdraw from the case Thursday, saying the campaign didn't have enough money to pay him.

Samuel C. Stretton, who earlier said he was offering the Nader campaign a discount from his usual fee, said there were also disagreements over strategy as well as finances, but declined to elaborate.

Nader campaign spokesman Kevin Zeese said a Washington-based lawyer would take over the case.

Stretton's resignation came shortly before a marathon set of 10 hearings in 10 separate venues scheduled for Monday. He had argued that the simultaneous hearings and orders to rapidly examine more than 30,000 Nader petition signatures placed an undue burden on a low-budget presidential campaign. -- Nader's ballot-access lawyer seeks permission to withdraw (AP via philly.com)