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Wisconsin Dems sue to have a Nader-free ballot

AP reports: The state Democratic Party filed a lawsuit Friday asking a judge to throw independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader off Wisconsinís ballot.

The lawsuit, filed in Dane County Circuit Court, requests emergency review of a state Elections Board decision to leave Nader on the ballot. A hearing was set for Monday. -- Dems to file suit to kick Nader off Wis. ballot (AP via gmtoday.com)


AP reports: The Wisconsin Democratic Party said Thursday it will file a lawsuit in a last-ditch attempt to keep independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader off the state ballot.

The state Elections Board earlier this week rejected a complaint the party filed claiming Nader failed to meet requirements under Wisconsin statutes to qualify for the ballot.

The suit Democrats plan to file Friday raises a similar issue, said party spokesman Seth Boffeli. He provided an advance copy to The Associated Press. -- Wis. Democrats to sue to knock Nader off ballot (AP via SunHerald.com)