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Nader loses again in Illinois

Marci Oddi has slapped me upside the head that I missed Nader's loss in the Seventh Circuit last week. Here is an excerpt from the decision as reported on the Indiana Law Blog:

Ralph Nader v. John Keith, et al. (ND Ill.)

Before POSNER, WOOD, and EVANS, Circuit Judges.
POSNER, Circuit Judge. Ralph Nader, joined by his campaign committee and two registered Illinois voters who support his candidacy, brought this suit to require the State of Illinois to place his name on the ballot for the forthcoming Presidential election. He appeals to us from the district courtís denial of a preliminary injunction that would order the state to do that. We have expedited the partiesí briefing and our consideration of the appeal because of the short time remaining to the election. * * *

By waiting as long as he did to sue, and despite the strenuous efforts by the district court and this court to expedite the litigation, Nader created a situation in which any remedial order would throw the stateís preparations for the election into turmoil. * * * At argument Naderís lawyer offered no reason for the delay in filing the suit. * * *

So, all things considered, we cannot say that the district judge abused his discretion in refusing to issue a preliminary injunction. AFFIRMED.