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Nader still not on the North Carolina ballot

AP reports: Presidential candidate Ralph Nader's chances for getting his name on the Nov. 2 ballot in North Carolina are dwindling.

A federal judge has rejected motions filed by the Nader campaign that sought to have his and running-mate Peter Miguel Camejo's names placed on the ballot as unaffiliated candidates. They also sought the halting of ballots being printed without their names. ...

In August, a federal judge struck down the state's requirements to be listed on the ballot as an unaffiliated candidate. In response, Nader's campaign asked the State Board of Elections to add his name to the ballot as an unaffiliated candidate.

Without a new law authorizing new ballot requirements, the federal courts have the authority to list his name on the ballot, Nader's attorneys argued. They said because Nader is often seen as the most viable independent candidate for president, the courts should exercise that authority.

In general, the judge rejected Nader's motions for preliminary and temporary restraining order because he can still run as a write-in candidate. Britt also said Nader made minimal efforts to get on the ballot then tried to resolve his concerns in the "11th hour." -- Judge's Ruling Hurts Nader's Bid For Getting On N.C. Ballot (AP via WRAL.com)