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Nader appeals loss in Wisconsin

WisPolitics.com reports: Presidential hopeful Ralph Nader was knocked off the Wisconsin ballot today when Dane County Circuit Judge Michael Nowakowski reversed a state Elections Board ruling from last week.

In reaction, Nader attorney Robert Bernhoft filed an emergency petition with the state Supreme Court for the board to certify Nader and Peter Camejo as independent candidates for president and vice president, respectively.

Nowakowski's ruling Tuesday would stop the Elections Board from notifying county clerks to include Nader's name on the ballot.

The state Democratic Party filed the suit Friday seeking to keep Nader off the ballot saying Nader didn't comply with a state law requiring presidential candidates to list 10 electors, each of whom cast ballots for the candidate in the Electoral College: one for each of Wisconsin's eight congressional districts and two at-large. -- Nader Immediately Appeals Decision Keeping Him Off Ballot (WisPolitics.com)