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Nader qualifies as write-in in Georgia

AP reports: Third-party candidate Ralph Nader - whose status in several states was decided Tuesday - won't be appearing on Georgia ballots in next month's presidential election.

A spokeswoman for Georgia Secretary of State Cathy Cox said Tuesday that Nader supporters had contacted her office, but never submitted the just over 38,000 signatures that would have been required for him to appear on the Nov. 2 ballot.

"They had inquired about how to go about it, but they never submitted anything," said Cox spokeswoman Cara Hodgson.

Instead, Hodgson said Nader has qualified in Georgia as a write-in candidate. Qualifying as such, which does not require signatures, means any votes written in for Nader will count. -- Nader won't appear on Georgia ballots (AP via Tallahassee.com)