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Nader is on the New Mexico ballot

The Albuquerque Tribune Online reports: The state Supreme Court today ordered Ralph Nader's name to be placed on New Mexico's Nov. 2 ballot as an independent presidential candidate, turning back a Democratic challenge to his candidacy.

The court announced its decision after deliberating for about 90 minutes after oral arguments in the case this morning. Chief Justice Petra Maes said a written opinion would be issued later. ...

Three state Supreme Court justices disqualified themselves from the dispute. Justices Edward Chavez and Richard Bosson are seeking re-election, and Justice Pamela Minzner did not participate because one lawyer in the case works in an Albuquerque firm with her husband.

Court of Appeals Judges James Wechsler and Michael Bustamante and District Judge Thomas Fitch of Socorro heard the appeal along with Chief Justice Petra Maes and Justice Patricio Serna. -- Nader wins ballot spot (AP via Albuquerque Tribune Online)