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Indiana GOP tries a little creative movement -- and loses

William Groth, attorney for the Indiana Democratic Party, emailed: Thought you might be interested in these findings that were entered yesterday in litigation in which I represent the Indiana Democratic Party. The case involves a transparent attempt by the Indiana Republican Party to incentivize its nominated candidate in House District 46, Jeffrey Lee, to move himself, his wife and 3 children 15 miles across the county line so as to "vacate" the ballot slot and allow the party elites to replace him with the incumbent, Brooks Laplante, best known for the unpaid $10,000 fine imposed by the Indiana Election Commission for his violation of Indiana's campaing financing laws. The Repubs think this district, which includes Terre Haute, can't be won by Lee and that it may be the Democrats 51st seat, assuring that the Dems would retain the majority. The case has some mirror-like resemblance to the Repubs attempt in 1988 to argue that Evan Bayh had lost his residency in Indiana, but this time the shoe is on the other foot in that we are arguing that Lee never lost his domicile in the district and that any relocation on his part was only a temporary expedient to allow his party to replace him on the ballot.