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Nader sues Ohio

AP reports: Independent candidate Ralph Nader sued on Monday to have his name placed on the November ballot in Ohio, saying voter registration backlogs at a number of county elections boards may have led to the improper elimination of campaign petitions.

The Nader campaign's lawsuit against Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell seeks to force Blackwell to order county boards to update their voter registration records, then review the petitions submitted by Nader.

Blackwell ruled last month that Nader failed to collect the 5,000 signatures needed to appear on the ballot after forged signatures and petitions circulated by non-Ohioans left Nader short.

Monday's lawsuit focuses on 8,009 signatures rejected by county elections boards. Some of those signatures were rejected because they didn't belong to registered voters, others because they were on petitions thrown out altogether because they were circulated by non-Ohioans, the lawsuit said. -- Nader sues to be included on Ohio presidential ballot (AP via TheState.com)