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Maine Supreme Court hears appeal of Nader ballot status

AP reports: Moving on an expedited schedule, the state supreme court heard arguments Wednesday on the Maine Democratic Party leaderīs appeal aimed at removing Ralph Nader from the Nov. 2 presidential ballot.

The court, which usually sits in Portland, came to Augusta to hear arguments so it can issue a ruling before next Tuesdayīs statutory deadline.

State Democratic Chairwoman Dorothy Melanson appealed after a Superior Court judge ruled last week that state election officials followed legal procedure in allowing the consumer activistīs name to appear on Maine ballots.

Melansonīs case before the supreme court was narrowed to a single issue: whether documents showing that Nader is not enrolled in a political party in Maine should have been attached to each of the hundreds of petitions seeking to put his name on the ballot.

Michael Mahoney, her lawyer, said "unenrollment" notices are important to voters and should be visible to petition signers. -- Supreme court hears arguments in Nader ballot appeal (AP via MaineToday.com)