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Nader sues Hawaii

The Honolulu Advertiser reports: Attorneys for independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader filed a suit in federal court yesterday in an attempt to get the state Office of Elections to put the consumer advocate on the November ballot in Hawai'i.

Election officials and representatives of the Nader campaign are still examining disputed signatures to determine whether Nader supporters collected the 3,711 signatures needed to qualify. But Eric Seitz, an attorney for the Nader campaign, said the suit was filed in case the recount does not change the state's initial conclusion that Nader supporters did not collect enough valid signatures.

"It doesn't appear that it's going to change things," Seitz said, adding that a hearing in U.S. District Court has been scheduled for Wednesday.

The suit also covers Michael Peroutka, the presidential candidate for the Constitution Party, who also did not have enough signatures to qualify, according to state election officials. -- Suit filed to put Nader on ballot (The Honolulu Advertiser)