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Albuquerque files for cert

The National Voting Rights Institute says: The city of Albuquerque, New Mexico [on 22 September] filed a petition before the US Supreme Court seeking review of its campaign spending limits law. The petition, coming on the heels of a federal appeals court ruling last month in Manhattanthat such limits can be constitutional, presents the nation’s highest court with an historic opportunity to revisit its 1976 ruling in Buckley v. Valeo striking down mandatory campaign spending limits on First Amendment grounds.

“For nearly three decades, this country has witnessed how the endless chase for dollars turns our political campaigns into auctions and threatens the integrity of our elections,” says Brenda Wright, managing attorney for the National Voting Rights Institute and lead attorney for the City of Albuquerque. “The filing of this petition today now sets the stage for Supreme Court review of this system of unlimited campaign spending.”

The Albuquerque case is one of two test cases on campaign spending limits that may reach the Supreme Court this year. The other case, involving Vermont’s campaign spending limits, is currently pending before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.

I had overlooked this when it happened. Lisa Danetz of NVRI brought it to my attention. The cert petition is available on the NVRI site.