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Nader opinion from Pennsylvania

Here is the full 444-page opinion. Thanks to TalkLeft for the link.


Here is the opinion of the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania regarding the Ralph Nader petitions to obtain ballot position. Thanks to Milind Shaw for sending the file.

There are another 950 pages of exhibits and findings by the judges who reviewed the ballots. I don't have those -- and you probably would not want to read them.


The Pa. Commonwealth Court Opinion says, "I am compelled to emphasize that this signature gathering process was the most deceitful and fraudulent exercise ever perpetuated upon this Court." But what Judge Colins didn't say is that this is the first challenge to a statewide minor party or independent petition in Pennsylvania since 1938. The only petition challenges since 1938 have been challenges to primary petitions, or to minor party petitions for district office, all of which are quite different. Primary petitions never need more than 2,000 signatures. The vast majority of challenges in Pennsylvania are challenges to petitions that require fewer than 100 signatures. So naturally, those kinds of petitions don't have massive fraud, because they are so much easier. Furthermore, the typical challenge to a statewide primary petition does not involve looking at all 2,000+ signatures, because statewide primary petitions must also contain at least 100 signatures from each of at least 10 counties. So the typical challenge to a statewide primary petition just singles out that candidate's weakest county, and so typically only 100 signatures, more or less, must be reviewed.