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Another Rove-type dirty trick?

Steven C. Clemons at The Washington Note writes: WHAT IS IT WITH THE REPUBLICAN PARTY IN THE SOUTH and disgusting political flyers and mailers?

A nasty flyer has turned up in Tennesse politics which depicts a handicapped athlete running on a track with George Bush's face pasted on.

The text reads:

Voting for Bush is Like Running in the Special Olympics -- Even if You Win, You're Still Retarded.

The Traditional Values Coalition and other right wing operations in the South jumped on this fast alleging that Tennessee Democrat Craig Fitzhugh's office, which shares space with the Kerry/Edwards Campaign, was distributing this flyer.

I have just spoken to Fitzhugh's office -- and here are the facts so far.

First, the Chairman of the Democratic Party Randy Button and Craig Fitzhugh have denied that these flyers were produced and/or distributed by Fitzhugh's or the campaign office. -- DIRTY TRICKS MONTH: REPUBLICANS HAVE NOT LEARNED THEIR FLYER LESSON (The Washington Note)

Just a reminder: federal law (and the law of most states) requires that such flyers include the name of the person or group publishing it. Clemons is fairly sure that the flyer was done by the GOP (or its allies) in order to create criticism of the Democrats.

Thanks to Josh Marshall for the link. Read his post on it for more details.

Mark A. R. Kleiman has more details.