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Group seeks pledges to encourage Ralph Nader's exit from race

From the RalphPlease.org website: Ralph Nader wants a cleaner, more just government. So do we. Unfortunately, with razor-thin margins in key states Nader's candidacy could ensure another disastrous term of office for G. W. Bush. We cannot afford four more years devoted to big business, war profiteering, mind boggling deficits, environmental degradation, job outsourcing, lower standards of living for working and middle class people, vulnerable children left behind, and more. We could also get thirty years of a super-conservative Supreme Court attacking our rights, freedom, and privacy!

If Nader is in the race to achieve what we all care about -- all the above issues and real campaign finance reform -- then he should leave the race now. To encourage him to do so, let's all commit to donate to Public Citizen, an organization founded by Nader to accomplish the goals we all support, in return for his withdrawal from the race. -- RalphPlease.org