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Virginia GOP legislator objects to Governor's re-enfranchising felons

AP reports: With [Virginia] Gov. Mark R. Warner restoring the voting rights of felons at an unprecedented pace, a Republican lawmaker is demanding an explanation and calling for a legislative review.

Since Warner took office in January 2002, he has given the vote back to 1,892 Virginia felons who have served their prison time and completed probation. Virginia is one of the most restrictive states for recover the voting rights that are lost upon a felony conviction.

In a tersely worded letter to the Secretary of the Commonwealth's office, Del. Brad Marrs, R-Chesterfield, asked for copies of the files of all applications Warner has approved. The secretary's office reviews the applications and sends them to the governor's office.

Marrs asked the office to confirm a news report that Warner had approved 65 reinstatements in the final week of September, "a rate of 13 per business day or over 1{ per hour." -- GOP delegate questions Warner restoring vote to 1,892 felons(AP via dailypress.com)

Damn it, the process is supposed to be cumbersome. Anybody speeding it up must be up to something. [That's a paraphrase.]