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Minnesota GOP accuses Dem candidate of using corporate logo

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports: Republicans have accused Patty Wetterling's campaign of violating federal election law in its recent TV ad featuring "America's Most Wanted" host John Walsh.

In a complaint filed Thursday with the Federal Election Commission, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) in Washington, D.C., said the ad is an illegal corporate in-kind contribution because it flashes the trademarked title of Walsh's show on the screen.

Corporations may contribute to separate political action committees, but federal law prohibits them from giving directly to a campaign. ...

Wetterling campaign officials said they don't plan to pull the ad. And Brian Svoboda, an attorney for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in Washington, D.C., said the GOP complaint has no legal merit.

Svoboda said the FEC in 1995 ruled that corporate logos or names have no assignable value and refused to stop a candidate from using one in an ad. "The only thing standing between this complaint and its dismissal is the couple of months it will take for [the FEC] to pick it up and read it," he said. -- GOP says TV-show mention in Wetterling ad is illegal (startribune.com)