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The county moved away from the candidate

The Charlotte Observer reports: John Meadows is listed on Iredell County ballots as a candidate for county commissioner, but Iredell officials say he doesn't live in the county.

They point to a recent shift in the Iredell-Rowan border, which was re-surveyed several years ago using satellite computer mapping technology, resulting in small changes to the border. As a result, Meadows' house was placed in Rowan County.

Meadows disputes the change, and a judge's ruling has allowed him to remain an Iredell voter and Democratic candidate, although that could change at a county elections board hearing today, when a north Iredell resident challenges his residency. ...

Until the election, he's not taking any chances.

He has put a camper on the portion of his property both he and officials agree is in Iredell and is sleeping there. -- Border shift may derail candidate (Charlotte Observer)