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Charges of false campaign reports in Ohio initiative campaign

AP reports: Opponents of a proposed constitutional amendment [in Ohio] to ban gay marriage say backers of the amendment violated campaign finance laws by reporting they raised only $50 to date.

Ohioans Protecting the Constitution filed a complaint Monday with the Ohio Elections Commission. In it, they said amendment supporters should have reported money raised since they began collecting signatures, which started in April.

Instead, the group filed a campaign finance report Thursday that said it had raised $50 and received $3,416 in in-kind contributions since the amendment was certified for the Nov. 2 ballot on Sept. 29.

The complaint says the Ohio Campaign to Protect Marriage would have had to spend "far in excess" of that amount to gather 500,000 signatures and defend the petition process in court. -- Marriage amendment opponents say supporters broke campaign finance law (AP via philly.com)