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Vermont AG says Republican Governors Association ads violate state law

AP reports: The attorney general's office has determined that an ad campaign by the Republican Governors Association violates the state's campaign finance law.

William Sorrell, the Democratic attorney general, said the RGA should have filed as a political action committee and complied with Vermont's spending and contribution limits.

But the state said it can't do anything about the $300,000 ad campaign in support of Gov. Jim Douglas because Republicans say the secretary of state's office told them via telephone that the ad campaign would be legal.

There are no records to refute that claim, Sorrell said.

"It was state government that allegedly made these representations or assurances to them. We had nothing to disprove that the conversations took place, so we feel our hands are tied," he said. "It's unfortunate." -- AG Says Republican Ad Violates State Law (AP via TheChamplainChannel.com)