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Nader's money from pro-GOP donors

Progressive News Wire reports: Ralph Nader has received more than $125,000 from GOP donors and consultants, including $11,250 from donors to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth -- a larger figure than previously reported, United Progressives for Victory said today.

UPforVictory.com's latest research draws on press reports and Federal Election Commission [FEC] filings and excludes unreported in-kind contributions made by the GOP in circulating and defending Nader's ballot petitions in many states. In particular, the report shows:

Swift Boat Veterans for Nader? Eight donors to the infamous Swift Boat Veterans for Truth 527, who have given $31,000 to air attack ads on Kerry's military service, have also given Nader $11,250. [FEC]

Right-Wing, Corporate Support. Five of the largest donors to the Club for Growth, a right-wing, anti-government, anti-tax group that has targeted moderate Republicans, have given $7,500 to Nader. They have given $450,000 to the Club for Growth in the past three election cycles. Seven contributors to the Pro-Growth Action Team, another right-wing PAC, have given Nader $7,000. [FEC] -- Up for Victory