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Federal judge allows RGA to continue running ads in North Carolina governor's race

AP reports: A Republican group can keep running an ad critical of Democratic Gov. Mike Easley through Election Day, a federal judge ruled Thursday, saying the group would suffer too much harm if the commercial was kept on the shelf but it later won in court.

U.S. District Court Judge Terrence Boyle agreed to issue an injunction blocking the State Board of Elections from prohibiting the airing of the ad.

The ruling is a victory for the Republican Governors Association, which is trying to spend campaign money in North Carolina to assist Easley's challenger, GOP candidate Patrick Ballantine. ...

In his order Thursday, Boyle wrote that the state law the elections board used to block the ad doesn't appear to "provide the kind of constitutional notice to the public as to what speech is free of government regulation and protected and what speech is within the sphere of regulation." -- Judge: GOP group can run anti-Easley ad through Election Day (AP via Winston-Salem Journal)